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Domain Name Policy

Domain Name Policy

Domain names identify the affiliation of a particular website within Temple University's web properties. Proper usage of subdomains and subdirectories help the user navigate easily and understand location within our web complex.

To provide clarity for temple.edu users and maintain consistency in the practice of selecting and naming the domains of schools, colleges, campuses, units, departments, centers, and institutes, Temple has instituted the following domain name policies.


All websites that represent a Temple administrative unit, school, college, department, service, center, institute or event must be registered within the temple.edu domain.

URLs that contain .com, .net, .org, etc. are not permitted.


All Drupal websites require a subdomain. That is, a subdomain is required for any website that is not hosted on the university's legacy server complex.  

Subdomains (abc.temple.edu) are reserved for the following.

  • Temple's 17 schools and colleges
  • Temple Libraries
  • The alumni and giving websites
  • Top-level administrative units
  • Universitywide applications (TUportal, TUmail).


  • admissions.temple.edu
  • sustainability.temple.edu
  • arts.temple.edu

Sub-subdomains are not allowed. For example, abc.123.temple.edu. 

Subdomain Approval

Additional subdomains outside of the above guidelines are at the discretion of and will be approved by the Web Advisory Board. 

Schools, colleges and administrative units must request approval from the Web Advisory Board before securing a particular subdomain name. To request a subdomain through the Web Advisory Board, submit a ticket through TUhelp. It may take several weeks before a subdomain is approved.

Subdirectories (legacy server complex)

All departments, administrative unit, center and institute websites hosted on the university's legacy complex must be contained within the root directory of the unit to which they report.

  • Universitywide administrative units and campuses will reside in a root directory of temple.edu.
  • Departments, centers and institutes within the schools and colleges, the Provost's Office and Student Affairs will reside in a directory under their reporting unit.
  • Student organizations will reside under the directory www.temple.edu/students.


Root Level URLs or Redirects for Marketing Purposes

A unit may request a redirect to its website from a root level URL to be used for marketing purposes in the event that the unit's URL is too long to be effectively communicated. All requests will be reviewed and granted by the Web Advisory Board. To initiate a request, submit a ticket at TUhelp.

Redirect conditions

The following conditions must be met to gain a root-level redirect:

  1. The URL will be used by a large number of people from outside the university who are not likely to be familiar with the details of the university's internal structure. Example: www.temple.edu/orientation will be visited by all admitted students each year.
  2. The proposed name is not now, and is not likely to become, ambiguous if it is used as a root level name without other department or unit qualification. Example, www.temple.edu/technology could refer to a department within Computer Services or within the College of Science and Technology and therefore would not be granted.
  3. The proposed root level URL must have the explicit, written approval of the senior administrator of the requesting unit when submitting the request to Web Advisory Board.

Event URLs

Event websites should be marketed under the URL for the unit that is hosting the event. Root level URLs are given only for universitywide events that are sponsored by multiple units.

Universitywide Events: